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Business and Commercial Insurance

Whether you are starting up a business or looking to expand, we can help you get the coverage you need.

No two businesses are truly alike. It is important that your agent understand the specifics of your business and know what coverages you need. We ask the right questions to get an understanding of your business and design the proper insurance package of policies you need to protect your business and employees.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance is one of the most important coverages needed to protect your business.

Liability protects you against third party claims. There are many types of liability insurance designed for specific industries and occupations. We can identify and provide the correct Liability insurance for your business and make sure you are protected.

Whether you are an artisan or an accountant, we have access to the underwriters and markets to provide the insurance you need.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own the building your business is located in, or have a large amount of inventory, you need property insurance. It is important to make sure your building and inventory is valued correctly so that in case of a loss you can rebuild and replace your lost inventory.

Business income protection is another important coverage found under property insurance. Business income will keep you in business while you are recovering from a loss.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial insurance for vehicles can be as simple as coverage for a single business-owned vehicle, or as complex as coverage for your fleet of of all types of vehicles. We handle insurance for all types of commercial vehicles including:

Business vehicle fleet insurance -  recommendations are available from NorthStar Insurance Agency. Limousine and Taxi insurance recommendations are available from NorthStar Insurance Agency. Commercial delivery and construction vehicle insurance recommendations are available from NorthStar Insurance Agency for all types of commercial vehicles.

Contractors and Artisans Insurance

Whatever trades your business is in, we have the competitive market to provide the coverages you need at an affordable premium.

Coverages you may need include General Liability, Tool coverage, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto and Vehicles, Commercial Umbrella, and Builder’s Risk.

These coverages apply to all types of contractors and construction trades, including:

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you have employees, the state of New Jersey requires you to carry Workers Compensation Insurance.

The insurance is designed to protect the employee and employer if there is a work related injury.

Job classification and payroll play a major factor in the cost of a workers compensation policy.

Give us a call today for more information.

Builders Risk Insurance

This type of insurance covers specific situations that are not covered by any other type of insurance.

As a builder, a renovation specialist, a home improvement contractor or specialist in any construction trade, you may need the following coverage’s:

We will walk you through the functional aspects of your business make sure that you’re covered for risks that could significantly impact your business’ future.

Commercial Umbrella

Do you have enough liability coverage to protect your business?

A commercial umbrella policy is designed to provide additional liability coverage. The umbrella will increase liability coverage for your businesses general liability, commercial auto, and workers compensation insurances.

A typical Umbrella policy starts at $1,000,000 and can be increased in million dollar increments.

A good rule of thumb is that the umbrella amount should cover 100% of your business assets.

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